Friday, October 8, 2010

My Boy in School pt 1

 A week or two before school began this year, I was talking to a friend about how I was excited for Owen to start kindergarten, and that I felt it would be a good thing for him.

Her response was something along the lines of, "Be ready for him to have a lot of trouble."   

I told Jeremy that I was refusing to let that comment frustrate me at all--I felt good about sending Owen to school so that's what I was going to do. 

On "back to school night" a week after school began I was able to meet Owen's teacher.  She's teaching her 21st year of kindergarten.  She told us how they were probably going to quit "rest time" soon because it didn't really seem like any of the kids needed it, and she explained with a chuckle that right now rest time was more of a "all the kids roll up in their sleep mats like a burrito time." 

I left that night feeling great.  This is who Owen needs. A teacher with experience, a teacher with a sense of humor, and a teacher who recognizes behaviors that are common throughout his age group--my kid is not the only one doing it.   

A few days later I talked to his teacher one-on-one after a PTO meeting.  She said Owen was doing fine.  One or two small breakdowns, but nothing big.  And she told me how they thought Owen was just such an interesting little boy and they loved hearing the things that come out of his mouth.  (Owen is really a thinker.)

 I've asked Owen if he likes kindergarten, and what his favorite part is.  He told me it was art.  I was truly but happily surprised.  But it's true.  Every day he brings home strange little drawings colored on scratch paper that he makes during "choice time."  And the real art projects he brings home I can tell he is proud of and has spent time and effort on. 

Jeremy visited the classroom once when they were coloring.  Owen's teacher asked, "Isn't Owen such a good little artist?" 

So I feel really good about where Owen is right now.  It may not always be the right place for him (more on that another time) but right now, I know that it is.  I'm grateful for my parents' encouragement over this last year for me to trust that as his parents Jeremy and I know Owen best, and that we are entitled to inspiration concerning his needs.  For these two reasons that make us the most qualified to make decisions regarding his upbringing.

And right now the decision is:  Kindergarten is right for Owen.

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