Saturday, October 16, 2010

Number Three

 Jeremy's student union shows a  $1 movie every weekend.  Usually they are dumb movies that "college kids  like," but once in a while they'll show something we are interested in. 

Last weekend they showed Toy Story 3 which was great for a number of reasons.  The first -of course- being that it cost $4 for the whole family to go out to a movie; the second being that we didn't have to wear annoying 3D goggles to view it.  (The theater is too cheap to support that kind of technology--Hallelujah.) 

 The boys wore their Toy Story jammies they got for Christmas last year from their Grandma Debbie.  (It was a late movie--with any luck they would fall asleep on the car ride home.)
 We had lots of friends in the theater--and they shared snacks.  The theater was totally full. 

The movie was great.  (I'm sure you've already seen it since we are the cheap ones who wouldn't pay to see it in a real theater.)  There were some great laughs, but there was some pretty intense animated suspense as well. 

Jonas has been really in to Toy Story 2 lately--watching it frequently.  It was hard for him to see his buddies in trouble.  Twice during moments of imminent danger in the movie Jonas yelled out "No!"  The kid sitting in front of him kept turning around and staring at him. 

And Owen--poor little tender-hearted Owen--started bawling and bawling when Andy left his toys behind at the end . 

His world was over. 

(And I tried to be a good mom and not laugh. . . that much.)

The next day our boys had an official declaration for the household--They would not like to watch that movie again. (ever again)

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