Friday, October 22, 2010

Out of the Office

We're not in today.  But we don't want to disappoint.

Jeanette sent a guest post over to the New Old School on canning homemade jelly made from bottled juice.  (That sound's counter-intuitive, but I dare you to find grape jelly in the store that doesn't have HFCS in it. . . So even without a grape vine you can still have jelly that's more "real" than what comes from the store.)

Jeremy wanted to join the fun and submitted his list of favorite things on Anna's blog.

If you want a chance for your voice to be heard-- I'm going to start inviting you to share your own blog posts or reference links for real food recipes.  I love getting new recipes, especially ones that other people have tried and think are good. 

Real food is just what it sounds like: real ingredients, fruits, vegetables, milled grains, basic dairy products, things in forms close to the way they can be found in nature. 

(We don't take ourselves too seriously --if a recipe is made from combining the ingredients from six tin cans--we are probably not interested.  But if you have an ingredient here or there that is typically on the "do not invite" list we'll still be your friends-- 'cause we do it too.)

So get cooking, and get linking and we'll see you back here next week for Real Food Friday--A new fortnighly feature on 

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