Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Trouble in the Henhouse

 We had an unwelcome visitor to the backyard a few weeks back. . . a chicken hawk!

I heard a ruckus in the backyard and sent Jeremy out to feed the chickens.  Owen ran in telling me there was an "eagle" in the backyard.  Well, that "eagle" had cornered Tomato by the run and attacked her. 

--we think--

It's kind of hard to pin everything together, but this is what we know: 

After admiring and taking pictures of the "eagle" for a while I walked over to the corner by the run and found a giant pile of red feathers.  (Big enough for me to wonder. . .)  So I looked around for Tomato, and found her clucking around. . . without a single feather left on her little chicken bum!  Just her little pink bum, and a fresh little trickle of blood running down one side. 

So either the hawk went for her and was scared off by Jeremy and the boys coming outside, or Buffy and Super Girl have been wanting to taker her on and just waited to make their move until the unsuspecting chicken hawk hapened to be suspiciously swooping around in complete innocence. 

You decide.  CSI: The Chicken Chronicles

 Chickens and little boys. . . They're always up to something mischievous. 

And Tomato survived through the quality care I gave her injury by doing absolutely nothing.  And (thank goodness for her little chicken self-esteem) her tail feathers are now almost completely regrown.

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