Monday, November 1, 2010

Adults Can Dress Up Too

The thing about dressing up as an adult is, sure there's probably the group of other adults that think you are totally lame but they don't say it to your face--this isn't high school or something-- but then there's another group of adults that think you've got moxie, and appreciate your effort.  Then there's actually a third group of adults (the other ones in costume) that are just grateful you showed up so they wouldn't be the only ones.

A friend came up to me at the Halloween party and was trying to define my costume.  I had to supply the correct time-period (1890's) but she said something about an adventurer-type.  And I said: Yes--perfect. An 1890's adventurer-type steampunk. 

I decided to work on an adventurer-type costume this time.  One thing you'll notice if you browse pictures of steampunk costumes is that some people have just way too much going on in their costume.  I decided that the way to avoid this is to have different costumes so you don't think you need to wear all your accessories at once.

So although some day I'd like a really awesome costume that is more sophisticated for high-society, this one is not.  This one is browns and more natural looking.  The over-skirt is a really loosely woven fabric.  And I love my leather-belted hip-slung bag.  I used it to carry my camera around.

The hat was a last-minute addition.  I knew I needed something more because I wouldn't have my corset finished in time (curse me!).  The mini hats are big in steampunk culture.  But since this is my adventuring outfit it's a straw hat not a fancy top hat or something.  But I really loved it--especially for being like a $2.50 and five minutes of time investment.

This time Jeremy worked on goggles, and figuring out how to make and tie an ascot.  He still needs some suspenders because the pants I made him are on the big side.  Also, he finally primed his Nerf Maverick gray for it's big steampunk mod--but that's as far as the modding got. 

So we just decided that since we need an excuse to keep working on our costumes that we're just going to have to have a Jolly olde English Wassailing Steampunk party in December. 

And -of course- my cutest accessory of the night.  It's a monkey, it's a dog, it's a bear--we aren't exactly sure, but he definitely is cute.

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