Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I have a serious mental condition necessitating that anytime I stay overnight in a hotel I have to stay up really late watching cable TV. It's true.

Last summer we were visiting Jeremy's family in Salt Lake City. We had come back to our hotel room and put the two boys to bed. Jeremy had even fallen to sleep, but I had to stay up and watch more tv. (It's a curse.) So I turned out the lights and turned the volume down low. 

I was flipping channels and came to this show. Sally Sparrow was getting a hidden message from the Doctor. "Beware the Weeping Angels."

These angels were showing up everywhere, and she found these hidden messages from The Doctor about them. 

The Weeping Angels were life-forms that would turn into stone when being observed as a defense mechanism.  When not being observed, they could move incredibly fast to catch their victims.

These Angels were after Sally to retrieve something she had.  And the Doctor warns her "Don't blink, whatever you do!  You blink--you're dead.  Don't blink!"

Meanwhile I was pulling the covers tighter around me whispering, "Jeremy, are you awake?  This is kind of scary. . ."

Finally I couldn't take it anymore and I changed the channel.  But there was nothing else really good on (it's part of the curse of compulsive hotel TV watching) and so I changed it back.

"Aaaak!  Who blinked?!  He told you not to blink!  They're coming to get you!"

I changed the channel again, and then back, then there was a commercial break, and then it was too scary again so I changed it.  But I had to go back and finish it, because sometimes not knowing what happened is even scarier than sitting through the suspense. 

And so it ended, and the good guys won.  but I won't spoil the ending.  Because I really recommend watching it yourself one day.  But after it ended there was a documentary about the Doctor.

Dr Who?


It's a British science fiction show that ran from 1963 to 1989, and was relaunched in 2005.  It has quite the following, and is the longest running science fiction television show in the world.  Guinness says so. 

Well, in the morning I told Jeremy about the scariest show ever that I had watched, and I told him a bit about the time and space-traveling Doctor Who that I learned from the documentary--asking him if he's ever heard of the show before.  He hadn't but I tucked it away as something we'd probably be interested in looking up one day. 

So a few months ago we did.  It turns out Dr. Who (2005 series) is one of the shows available for instant streaming from Netflix.  So we started watching them.  We are nerds (no explanation needed) so we love it! Some of the episodes are historical some are futuristic.  They all have some suspense and mystery--but they aren't all super-scary.  And now we are catching all these references to it among geek culture that we never noticed before.

And as fate would have it, this Halloween weekend we were cued up to watch a little episode called "Blink" the one that started it all. 

I think this was the perfect episode to introduce me to Dr. Who.  Like Sally Sparrow I'd never heard of the Doctor or all of the things he had done.  But we were able to catch the small glimpses of this man and his  potential and sheer genius.

I also think this was the perfect episode for Halloween weekend.  Halloween demands scary entertainment.  This episode has enough spookiness to make me wary of the dark for a month.  Nothing better than some of the all-time scariest TV characters to put you in the mood for Halloween.  Don't say I didn't warn you.  

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