Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I pretty much did what I wanted for Jonas' costume.  Jonas is still obsessed with trains, so I decided if I wanted him to be excited about wearing a costume that a train would be the way to go.   It was made from a diaper box, but I tried to come up with some cute details to make it more fun.

 I knew it had to have a bell.  So we rigged that across with a pipe cleaner.  Jeremy came up with using thumb tacks for rivets and bought the gold house numbers for the side.  The wheels are oat canister lids.  And the funnel is a cornmeal container.

 Jonas was so adorable putting around in his little train.  (I am his mother.)  But I was pleased that what we ended up with was no too cumbersome for him.  He was able to get around just fine and really enjoyed himself.

Owen is getting older and I really want to allow him some more input in his costume.  So we did a google image search (though you always have to be a bit careful with those) for "cardboard costume."  And I asked him to choose what he wanted to do. He saw some transformer ideas he really liked.  So the next night we told him to draw out the costume he wanted.

I'm so intrigued by the drawings on the left.  You can see he was trying to draw out the outline from what it looked like in his head--narrower at the bottom, with things sticking out around the top--so interesting.  Then we pulled up a picture for him and he drew the one on the right. 

Jeremy worked on the body, and some boots, and we printed out some insignias for him.  Owen colored them cut them out and pasted them right where he wanted them. 

 I think it was good to allow Owen to be so involved in choosing and making his costume.  We could have done better, but we could have done a lot worse as well. 

We ran out of time on everyone's costumes.  We weren't thinking ahead to the fact that the costumes all needed to be ready 4 days before Halloween for the party we went to at church.  So Owen's costume was missing some of the detail work I would have liked.  But I'm not going to feel guilty about it.  Owen loved his costume.

I love doing the mostly-homemade costumes.  I love doing the cardboard costumes--it all seems so nostalgic to me.  And to me celebrating holidays is all about the history. 

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