Saturday, November 13, 2010


Recently I sold some children's toys at a consignment sale.  I've wanted to downsize in the toy area since since a third baby has necessitated that the toy and craft room now be a toy room/craft room/bedroom combination--including another dresser. 

So I sold a game we got at a garage sale that wasn't that fun.  I sold a little plastic 4 key piano since we got Jonas a much cooler piano.  I sold some squeaky plastic blocks in favor of keeping our larger set of wooden blocks. 

So it seemed like I was selling a lot of things that we had two of.  Double-type toys happen when you receive hand-me-downs, and also gifts from people who don't live in your toy room.  But having two of the same toy is obviously a waste of space.  And besides that I really am starting to feel like too many toys is not a good thing.  Maybe it has to do with the fact that Jonas has broken a number of unrelated things in the last week and his response to me is (just get a) "New one, Mom." 

But there was one choice I struggled over and in the end could not make.  The choice between two sorting cubes.

On the left hand we have a fun colorful sorting cube.  The shapes are peek-a-blocks that you can see into.  The thing plays music when a shape falls into it.  I think it was a gift from a family member.  And we have watched Owen and Jonas both play with is as babies and love it. 

On the right hand we have a wooden sorting cube that I got free from a swap meet at church.  That should be the one I want to give up--right?  But there's a part of me that really loves the "natural" things.  I love that it's made of wood, and seems so timeless.  Almost like that's the way toys "should" be.  Obviously I felt strongly enough about it to pick it up even when I knew we already had a sorting cube sitting at home. 

But I couldn't decide which one to sell because choosing one or the other would be defining me as a mother. --I know I'm nuts-- But what kind of mother am I?  Am I a buy cute, trendy, hip, techno-sporting toys. (Not too many, of course, but of that variety.) Or am I an all natural throw out all my Tupperware don't let my babies handle or teethe on any kind of man-made products kind-of mom? 

I love old wooden toys, but it's a serious commitment to go "all natural."  I read a blog post recently about someone's search for mattresses, pillows, and bedding that was all organic and made without any synthetic materials--because what's the one place where your children spend more time than any other?  In their bed breathing in all the chemicals being let off from their mattress and rubbing their little cheeks on pillowcases made from *gasp* non-organic cotton!!!  Going all natural is a huge commitment!

I just don't think I'm ready to make that commitment yet.  So until I do--the sorting cubes stay.

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