Monday, November 22, 2010

Felt Advent Fun

Because my mother's first Christmases as a homemaker took place in the late 70's, I remember having a lot of felt Christmas decorations.  Well, felt and sequins to be exact.  Felt Christmas tree ornaments, felt tree skirt, felt stockings, and felt tree advent calendar.

I think they were all kits that my mom sewed.  And as the nostalgic child that I am I've looked for a kit the last few years, but I've never seen one.  So last year when I saw this calendar by Inchmark, I was in love. 
I pointed it out to my sister and we both agreed that the best improvement this one made over Mom's old one was that this one has little buttons on the tree and each ornament has a loop to hang easily on a button.  I remember mom's little pimento jar of straight pins that sat on the windowsill next to our calendar. Little kids trying to use straight pins, pinning from the back-side so the pin wouldn't show, wanting to do it all by ourselves. . . I don't need to go on--the buttons and loops are a genius idea!

A few weeks ago Homemade by Jill made an invitation for anyone who wanted to sew-along with her to make our own calendars like Inchmark's.  I debated back and forth on whether or not I had time--then I debated on how exactly how I wanted to do it.  But I finally started this weekend.  (Jo-Anns has felt sheets on sale for a quarter right now.)

I looked at some other ideas and --at least for now-- decided on this three tiered tree with the three colors of green felt.  Although I love my mom's which has a red felt background I decided to go with the white and use all light-blue square pockets to give it an icy, snowy feel. 

To go along with that I bought silver embroidery thread.  I plan on embroidering the numbers on the pockets with silver, and also embroidering a few snowflakes in the air around the tree. 

I'm definitely behind on Jill's schedule to have it completed before the first of December, but I figure I only actually have to have one of the ornaments completed for the first.  Then as long as I'm at least one day ahead there will always be an ornament to put up the next day!  (Hopefully I'll be more ahead than that.) 

Now I just need a picture of my mom's calendar to get ideas from all her ornaments!

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