Monday, November 8, 2010

Keeping Time


We have issues with punctuality--though we really do try.  Yesterday morning for church we were on a roll.  I did tons of laundry last week and actually got it put away in the boys' drawers.  So church clothes were ready and available for quick dressing.  I set out one of my new thrift-store sweaters and a matching skirt the night before for myself. (Because I really am a lot of the problem.) We got out the door with extra diapers and snacks even.

We pulled up to our church at 5 minutes to the hour--totally on time!  Woohoo!

Only--no one else was there.

We were an hour early.  Curse you daylight savings!

(I do have an excuse--I'm from Arizona--our state doesn't participate in this strange pagan ritual of changing our clock to honor the sun!  Um...kidding.  Kind-of.)

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