Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pointless Goals

When I attended sleepovers as a teenager I had this crazy desire to be the one who stayed up the latest.  I remember one sleepover at a friends house where I decided I was going to stay up the whole night and not sleep.

It was all going fine.  We all watched a movie, and people started dropping off to sleep.  We started watching another and more people dropped off.  And in the end--it was somewhere in the 3-4 o'clock hour and I think there was one other girl awake-- I remember thinking "what's the point?"  there was no glory to it, and nothing to gain from doing it.  (In fact I remember being miserably tired the next day.) It was just some stupid goal I set that would not bring me any sort of lasting satisfaction at having accomplished.

It wasn't like running a marathon or climbing a mountain or something.

My own experience is one reason among a handful of other reasons why I'm considering just outlawing the sleepovers all-together for my children--but that's not really the point here.  The point is That although I set a pointless goal for myself  I had the presence of mind enough to drop it in the middle and a at least get a few hours of sleep before the pancake breakfast. 

So although I mentioned that I was going to be doing daily blogging for the month of November and participating in NaBloPoMo--I've changed my mind.

See, I've never had a desire to be a daily blogger.  I used to read The Pioneer Woman faithfully, until I decided it was too much work to keep up on all of her blog posts in all of her categories, especially over the weekends when I have a lot of things going on. And although I love everything she does--I'll confess I haven't visited her blog in over a year.

When I was introduced to the blogs Nie Nie Dialogues and C Jane Enjoy it I immediately appreciated that the sisters generally took weekends off from posting.   But that's not even enough for my blog.  I want to create a few quality* posts each week for my blog. I feel good about writing two or three well-thought, or interesting, or entertaining entries--then taking time other days for living the other parts of my life.  If I was getting paid to be here, I may be able to justify a little more time spent.  But seeing as how I'm not--I can't.

So, call me a quitter but I want to pursue my own goals--not someone else's.  And I want my goals to be meaningful to myself--not just "something to do." 

So if you'll excuse me. . . I've got some Christmas projects to go work on.

*Of course the definition of "quality" may be up for debate.

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