Friday, November 5, 2010

Seasonal Display

 I was worried I wouldn't be able to find a place to display seasonal items after we got rid of our piano which had been the perfect display surface. But we did quite a bit of rearranging throughout the house.

 We ended up with a book case against the wall in the dining are just off the kitchen.  It holds all our cookbooks (and Good Eats episodes) and has a top that is smaller than the piano, but still really great for a display area.

I didn't redo our silhouette pictures--maybe next year I'll update them.

But we did pick up something new to add to the spooky decor this year.  These funky metal skeleton arms.  Technically they are salad tongs and they are really cool.

But it's now a full week after Halloween, so we've put away the pumpkins and pulled out the pilgrims.  My kids have already forgotten about the mostly-uneaten bucket of candy on top of the fridge, and that's OK.  Bring on the pumpkin bread and molasses cookies.

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