Thursday, December 16, 2010

Birthday Gifts

So for me "Finals Week" has long coincided with "Birthday Week." It's ok though because people always try to make it up to my by getting me great gifts! (Umm I'm kind of making a joke--I'm not really a brat but it's a "tie-in" so just keep reading.)

This week has been no exception. I even won a blog giveaway for my birthday week! Yippee! A candymaking book from a great little blog I discovered recently.

An experienced Momma writing about life and homemaking. You have to check out the post on her dad trying to make Thanksgiving dinner on a boat in the middle of the South Pacific as a Navy cook. Awesome!

So in honor of my birthday I'm giving a gift back to you my readers.I will share with you a photo tutorial for my new favorite "fancy" way to tie winter scarves.  Please enjoy--and enjoy the awesome photography courtesy of the ill 5-year old.

You're welcome.

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