Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Self Reliance

It's no secret that we have some atypical hobbies around here. But I have come to realize more and more that self-reliance is a hobby of mine.  As in-- something that interests me, that I research for fun, that always has me thinking of my next project.  But that seems really strange--why am I so motivated to try all these crazy ideas?

After the Thanksgiving break my sister was getting ready to fly back home with her three children.  She was stressing about what she was going to do in the airport with them since her husband was going on a different flight.  She was most concerned about her 13 month-old daughter.

I said, "You just need a sling Eve, then you can have your hands free for luggage.  I'll just make you one."

"Really?  Could you?"  she asked.

A scrapped bed sheet and 20 minutes later and she had a custom-fit sling.

Just in time to head out the door.She was relieved and I was thrilled. 

I told everyone who would listen to me: I love this feeling, of having a need and filling that need all by myself.  There was nothing there.  20 minutes later there was a sling, a usable object, a valuable object. Something we could have stopped by the store to pick up and spent anywhere from $20-$60 on depending on how "cute" the fabric was.   But we didn't.  I made it, at home, with a bed sheet scrap from my mom's remnants. 

I love working towards more self-reliance.  It's empowering to not feel like I have to depend on other people for everything. That's why I love it.  That's one reason I love cooking so much as well.  Who says you have to go to fancy restaurants to eat really good food?  Who says our diet has to be filled up to 60% with corn and soy products?  If I make it myself it doesn't have to be. 

Providing for myself gives me control, it gives me freedom, and it gives me satisfaction. 

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