Friday, January 21, 2011

In the Season Thereof

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I've been asked to put together a small newsletter for the women's organization at church. It's part real food, and part food storage, and part not trying to be intimidating--but trying to be inspiring nonetheless. . .

I put in two main dish recipes, a side dish and dessert.  The dessert is the only one that is not really "real food" in my opinion, but it's been a favorite at a few activities around here so I put that recipe in to get people excited about cooking and the recipes.  The side dish is also good for those who feel uneasy fully committing to the type of food I'm recommending. 

We ate both of the main dishes listed this week. Typing up the recipes made me want them.   I really hope these recipes will be useful--and even empowering--to at least some of the women.  That's the idea at least.  And will share them here monthly as well.

In The Season Thereof -January

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