Friday, January 7, 2011

Real Food Takes a Trip

I got a lot of slack on vacation about my "Real Food" standards. Christmas wasn't as bad because my whole side of the family was living out of hotel rooms, but Thanksgiving at my parent's house was another story.

I bought a package of individually wrapped slices of American cheese on hamburger night.  I bought them specifically with my husband in mind because he was the one getting dragged to my parents' house and he occasionally likes to savor =snort= the comfort food tastes of his childhood.  So, yes, it was sarcastically suggested that I highlight that product for my Real Food Friday feature.  (Insert: unenthusiastic "ha ha.")

I also got slack about the "really healthy" marshmallow pops I made for my brother's engagement party.

Healthy nothin'.  They were just plain adorable.

I mean look at them!  And even Michael Pollin say's you can eat special occasion foods on special occasions. . . Though he does say you should still make them yourself. . . moving on:

My whole point is this is why I don't like labeling myself because then all of the sudden everyone else looks at you in the light of that label. (And judge you accordingly.)

So to set the labeling record straight, I like to think of myself as a Real Foods Activist not so much a Real Food Purist.  I think real food is very important, and not as impossible to come by as some people think, but I don't always eat it.  And so for fun, and to make anyone who could be feeling intimidated by the real food challenge feel a bit better I will share what we took for snacks on our road trip on Christmas break. 

I could have homemade all kinds of "real" snacks and packed them with dry ice in a cooler for our two-day drive but I didn't--I was too busy finishing up last-minute Christmas presents.  But I also didn't use it as an excuse to buy the junkiest junk I could find in the store.  I think I came up with a good balance and everyone involved was satisfied.

From left to right we have sourdough pretzel sticks, dried banana slices, a tube of banana "puffs" for the baby, beef jerky, plain popcorn, honey-mustard pretzels (they sounded really good, but were probably the worst thing in the bag), apricot fruit leathers, fig newtons, and craisins. We last took two bottles of 100% juice that we poured into individual bottles on the trip and a bag of apples and oranges.   

Really I don't think we did too bad, and it was definitely more "real" than the food we ate at the stops along the way.  So how was your holiday eating?  Any tips for eating real on vacation?

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Have you tried any new real food recently?  I love to get new recipes.  Link up here to share your real food recipes.

Real food is just what it sounds like: real ingredients, fruits, vegetables, milled grains, basic dairy products, things in forms close  to the way they can be found in nature. (We don't  take ourselves too seriously --if a recipe is made from combining the  ingredients from six tin cans--we are probably not interested--but if  you have an ingredient here or there that is typically on the "do not  invite" list we'll still be your friends-- 'cause we do it too.)

If you've blogged your recipe grab a "Real Food Friday" badge for you post or sidebar and leave us a link.  If you don't blog.  Link to an online source of the recipe and leave a comment on this post telling us about it.  I'll leave the linky open all weekend, and see you back for the next Real Food Friday in a fortnight.

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