Tuesday, January 18, 2011

School Pictures

When school picture time came around in the fall Owen was in the middle of his second cold in a month.  Like a typical little boy he would use the upward-thrust motion to wipe the his face with the whole palm of his hand.  He ended up with a dried out chapped face with a bunch of red sores on it, and I thought, "I'm not paying for pictures of him looking like this!" 

But then I thought  "Can you do that?  Can you really just not buy school pictures for your kid or will they call CPS on you or something?  Well, I can always get re-takes."  But I wasn't actually sure about how retakes work--do you have to send money the first time to be eligible for re-takes even if you know you don't want the first batch?  Honestly I didn't stress out about it.  And in the end we were still on Thanksgiving vacation on re-takes day anyway. So--no school pictures.

For Christmas, though, we got to see what his pictures ended up looking like thanks to a classroom craft project.  

Hahahahaha!  I'm pretty sure we made the right decision.

He's sooo adorable, and yet--is it so much to ask that somebody help the kindergartners comb their hair after recess on picture day?

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