Monday, January 3, 2011

We Were Busy

Last January I was really struggling to figure out how to do right by Owen.   There were also less life-changing concerns as well like what exactly was the color of our old car? 

February brought our sixth wedding anniversary and some fabulous cupcakes.

In March we tampered with tradition and altered a time-honored holiday to suit our own tastes.  And Jeremy got pretty angry over a few printed words

In April the boys celebrated a green Easter. (Not that kind of green.) And our family was forever improved by the peaceful (but perhaps not-so-quiet) addition of baby Wyatt. 

In May I contemplated my inability to really fit in.  And while I was at it I ruined Jeremy's chance at getting any invitations to watch the Summer's world cup soccer.  (Sorry Love.  I couldn't mention that you do like soccer--It didn't fit with the story I was trying to tell.)

In June the color of our new car was determined once and for all. And Owen turned five.

In July we experienced the good, bad, and ugly of a family reunion.

August ended with me not succeeding in impressing Owen with his own special (and seasonal) back-to-school dinner. And I decided there might be some other things I need to work on as well. 

In September we designed and made Owen a number of super-cool shirts for the color days in kindergarten.  Also, I fell in love with urban foraging

In October I elaborated on some success with Owen.  Halloween was celebrated in full Steampunk Fashion.

In November we took a simple weekend opportunity to crush Owen's entire world.

And I ended the year in December exploring the virtues of my homesteading homemaker hobbies.

I love that blogging has preserved this record of the year for me.  I love to look back and read my old posts.  When it comes right down to it--I blog for myself.  Stephanie Meyer isn't everyone's hero--or even mine for that matter--but I really appreciated something she said.  She said whatever you are going to do--do it because you love it.  Do it because it brings you enjoyment.  So that's what I do and why I blog.

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