Thursday, January 13, 2011

Winter Party

The last day of school in December gave opportunity for the next installment of generically-themed non-culturally-offensive elementary school parties. I was instructed that it was to be a "winter-themed" party.  To pull it all together a bit more I went for a snowman-themed party.

I really wish I could get more help with these parties, but it seems like people are willing to help run things they just don't want to be required to think--as in come up with all the ideas.  I don't like having to do that without help, which is why I turn to the internet, and why I in turn, share what I have done via the internet.

The first station involved cotton balls, white paper doilies, and blue construction paper.

The kids used glue to make snow men and snow scenes. 

One station involved toothpicks, two sizes of marshmallows, and peanut butter cup top hats for making little "edible" snowmen.

I popped a bunch of corn and put it in baggies to be the markers for snowman bingo. 

And for the "active" game we had a snowman bean bag toss.  I love when I turn a project over to Jeremy and it turns out so much better that what I had in mind.  (He made the great snowman box for the bean bag toss.)  And then I remember why I keep him around.  He helps make me look good. 

And if the little punks kids are giving you any trouble you can reign in their attention with a few rousing rounds of "I'm a Little Snowman" sung to the tune of "I'm a Little Teapot."
I'm a little snowman short and fat.
Here is my broomstick; here is my hat.
When it's cold and icy I will stay,
But when it get's hot I melt away.

I assume you can figure out some good actions on your own.

And finally, since everyone online suggested winter BINGO but no one actually had a winter BINGO card for me to use--I had to make my own, so I might as well share it. 7 game cards plus a set of cards for the "caller."  It's still winter, so you can still play it--at least until groundhog's day.

Snowman BINGO

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