Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Snowed out for the second week in a row--so disappointing.

In better news Jeremy bought me a new keyboard. It has modern special features that apparently are necessary for me:

Yeah, that one up there at the top with the little cup next to it.  Let's hope the third keyboard's the charm. 

Continuing yesterday's topic: Jeremy's been studying creativity for his PhD, and we've enjoyed a lot of Sir Ken Robinson's talks and books. The video I posted yesterday is a great one but I actually meant to post this one; They say a lot of the same things.  This one is a bit shorter and talks a little more to the specific problems in the traditional education model than the other one.  I meant to post this one because it's also really fun to watch because it's animated!  (Put it on full screen, but lower the resolution down from HD if your connection is slow like mine.)

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