Tuesday, February 1, 2011


 I made a ton of new year's resolutions this year.  I guess in reality they aren't strictly resolutions but goals as well.  Things I would like to see happen this next year and even beyond that if that's what it takes.

I already mentioned that we've resolved to make our own bread.  I'd call that one a resolution since we plan to do it from here on out.  

I want to sew something for myself.  I sew a lot of little crafty things --particularly for gifts--but I'd like to sew something for myself for once.  Maybe something like this swing dress pattern could be funky and fun. 

I've embarked on the huge journey of making quilts for the older boys.  I'm not very far in and it's a huge undertaking--this is one in particular that I am not going to worry about how long it takes.I knew this was a long term goal when I made it. 

I bought Jeremy a cheese making kit for Christmas since my sister  got him a book a year to two ago.  We've made yogurt cheese and even lemon cheese but we want to do a "real cheese."   Farmhouse cheddar is the first on our docket.  Our goal was to try one a month, but alas, January is over and we have no cheese to show for it. Next month. . .

One resolution we met for January is to take more day trips with the boys.  Well, we took one to the Kaw Mission State Historic Site and Neosho Riverwalk, and it was great.  Not too long of a drive and it included refreshments (that's why we went there) because it was Kansas' birthday.  Though our camera was out of batteries so I didn't get any pictures--did a day trip really happen if I can't prove it with snapshots?--the boys had fun looking at (and sometimes touching) "old things" in the museum and watching the waterfall under the bridge.  We were happy to have that fun afternoon with our little family.

I also have mentioned my goal to read  more print and less pixels.  I find that the internet to me is a source of two things interesting ideas and soft research. I find myself "aimlessly" hopping around the internet when nothing catches my interest ("there was nothing good on today")--but that leads usually to even less satisfaction with my perusing since it was more time wasted.  So instead I want to read more good books, and even a magazine or two.  I re-subscribed to Martha Stewart's Everyday Food, which I have a lot of, and find has recipes that really are on an everyday (not special occasion extra work) scale, and has quite a few vegetarian and seasonal recipes.  And I'm thinking of getting a subscription to another magazine for homemaking ideas and interesting articles.   I'm considering Country Living, Martha Stewart Living, Whatever Martha's Whole Living one is, or Better Homes and Gardens.  (Do you have a favorite?)

I also am getting frustrated by my "soft research" on the internet, particularly in the area of nutrition.  The truth is everyone says something different--I mean really different.  Whole grains are the best thing you can eat vs. whole grains are the worst thing you can eat.  No one should eat dairy products because it's killing them vs. everyone should eat unpasteurized, raw cultured dairy products from grassfed animals to improve their health.  I'm kind of tired of it.  So I want to read less of it.  And I want to seek more truth on my own.

As my instructor in the religion class I am taking recently said: We are the church that encourages people to ask questions and doesn't push them aside.  Our religion was restored because of one boy read the Epistle of James and "If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him." and acted on that scripture--asking God his question, not Man.  I don't expect God to answer all of my questions about nutrition, but I do expect that he will lead me in the right direction, discourage me from any practices that might be detrimental, and allow me to use my agency to fill in the gaps.  I don't need to waste all my time reading the back and forth repetitive arguments of others. 

And finally I want to do better by my family this year--whatever that means.  If it means more floor time with Jonas, or perhaps homeschooling Owen, or more fun dates with Jeremy or simply more time spent by me in my own scriptures.  We need to be ever stronger as a family and I want to do what it takes.  So I don't get discouraged if I don't keep up with a resolution here or there.  I'm directing my life in the  long run, and just because I didn't do something today doesn't mean I can't do it tomorrow. 

So good luck on your own resolutions, and just because the first month of the year is over doesn't mean that we can't try hard again (maybe even start over) for the next one. 

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