Thursday, February 3, 2011

Good for a Chuckle

Being iced and snowed in all week can make us a little bit grumpy with one another.  Especially when half of us have been sick as well.  But I have to remember how much my boys make me laugh as well.

The other morning I was walking to Owen's classroom to help out at reading centers.  As I neared the classroom I saw the class art projects lined up against the wall drying.  I noticed the first one.  A brown branch horizontally cutting across a blue background with four plump red birds sitting in a row staring at me with their white eyeballs and black pupils.  As I walked by I was I was noticing how different the birds looked based on how much white and black paint the kids had used, and then I came to the oddball painting.  This branch didn't go horizontally across but curved upwards and then looped down and back up and there was a big mush of red blobs in the loop with some eyeballs thrown in as well.  The rest of the row of paintings matched the first painting I'd seen.

After reading centers I was going to go eat lunch with Owen.  "Mom, want to see which painting is mine?" Own asked.  Of course I did.  And it's obvious which one he pointed out to me.  We paused briefly as he gesticulated with one hand, "It's a big bird pile!"

I've been realizing that everything Owen does  is for a laugh.  I've been trying to understand more about who he really is--and the truth is he wants to make people laugh.  He still has to learn a lot about appropriate settings for humor and also the proper set up for a joke.  He has two jokes right now that he tells out of context and laughs it up every time.  The longest running joke is, "Cat's in the can!"  (Funny right?)  And recently he added, "Oh no! Someone stole my purse!"

Jonas doesn't regularly say much besides "train," "cheese," and "mine" but every once in a while he will impress us with his improving verboseness.  The other evening I was sitting in my bed reading a book and eating a chocolate cupcake (don't judge) and the boys wandered in and Owen asked if he could have a bite.  I told him "no" because he hadn't finished his dinner and eaten his beets.  Without skipping a beat Jonas hopped up on the bed and said "I ate my beets Mom," and was ready for his bite of my cupcake. 

Jonas has a bit of shyness that keeps him from talking more.  He often talks (especially with strangers or when he's feeling grumpy) through the side of his mouth.  He keeps one side pursed and the other side will open just a bid to let sounds through.  Often his mouth will be occupied by the full on pout, and boy does he have a big lower lip.  Over Christmas my mom started teasing him with the old standby from my childhood: "If you keep the lip out there a little birdie is going to come build a nest on it!"  And you have to fly a "little birdie" (a finger) by. We tried it with Jonas the next day and he snapped his teeth at my finger and said, "I eat little birdie!"  Maybe I'll just let him keep pouting.

Wyatt is turning into just as much of a character as his two brothers.  His favorite trick right now is twising around and standing op looking over the back of his high chair. He's always exceedingly proud of himself afterward.

He's also learning to participate in the chaos and put on a show.  Whenever his brothers get really noisy crazy he starts to shake his head  back and forth and yell, "Ahhhh,"  just adding to the fun.  He also has discovered buckets, and how fun it is to stick your face in one and yell.  I was trying to put the older boys to bed the other night and Wyatt was putting on a show, He had dumped army men out all around him and was yelling into the bucket.  He would pull his face out once in a while to shake his head back and forth and yell, "Aaaahhhhh!"  And his older brothers just giggled and giggled.  They are so lucky to have each other.

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