Monday, February 14, 2011

Nerdy Valentines

Having an aniversary date that falls within the same week as St. Valentine's Day has forced Jeremy and I to embrace the cheesiness of the Lover's Holiday.  We just remind each other that the longevity of our relationship is most definitely correlated to the size of the heart-shaped Mylar balloon gifted on those days.  And our reward for successfully make it through Valentine's Day without getting too queasy from all the giant hugging and kissing stuffed animals is the ability to fully appreciate and gorge ourselves on National Half-Price Chocolate Day (The day after V-Day--we celebrate this holiday every year.)

The truth of the matter is we've never really had much money for celebrating our anniversary and Valentine's day (tuition was just due a few weeks ago) so purposely giving little cheesy expressions of love is a nice excuse for not spending significant amounts of money. 

"I was going to get you something really great, but I decided to be funny instead." --works every time.

This year Jeremy's mom gave Owen a bunch of old perler beads from her craft closet at Christmastime.  Remember those?  You make a design and then iron it to melt the beads and stick them together.

When Owen had them out the other day I decided they were the perfect medium for expressing my love to Jeremy.  So I made him a little TARDIS. 

So dorky, for so many reasons

Happy Valentine's Day Love!

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