Friday, March 18, 2011

Peas on St. Patrick's Day

We learned from some "native locals" that the gardening season begins here with Peas on St' Patrick's Day. That's a bit earlier than what we usually do it because it seems like the weather always gets really nice and "springy" just long enough to raise your hopes of getting outside and then it starts freezing again so we go back to huddling inside. Nevertheless we decided to go ahead and follow the advice and get some pea seeds in the ground last weekend.

That meant it was also time to get started indoors as well with some seedlings to plant when the weather get's warmer.

We found Owen this gardening kit in the clearance at the craft store.

Sometimes it's nice to have everything all set and ready to go--esspecially when kids are involved.

Owen worked hard on his planting well into the evening.

And by bedtime there were a dozen little pots in cozy mini-greenhouse bags all ready to sprout. 

After getting the boys in bed Jeremy chanced a look out the windows--Yep, just what we expected.

But our peas will be fine they haven't sprouted yet, and we also have them under the hoop house anyways with some cabbage, and soon to be joined by carrots and maybe onions.  We also got some red seed potatoes to put in the ground.

The snow hardly lasted the night--Gardening season has officially begun!

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