Wednesday, March 30, 2011

SteamPatrick's Day Accessorizing

You'd think there'd be enough time in three months to get some serious work done on our steampunk clothing. Jeremy and I have realized that this is why some people live their steampunk persona all the time, because it's hard to get anywhere with it otherwise.  So considering that we only have steampunk events about every three or four months our clothing is coming along at a very slow pace.

In the end I had no new clothing pieces but two great new accessories.    The first is my grandmother's cameo.  It's a beautiful antique piece. 

The other piece is a fun (not old at all) pendant pocket watch that my sister found, knew I would love, and bought one for herself and sent one to me!  It was an awesome surprise since I recently came across some of these watches and thought they were totally classy.  I love having accessories that are strictly feminine since a lot of times girls will adopt boy styles to look like they belong in the same "group."  Sure, everyone can wear steamer goggles but girls should have some of their own accessories as well. 

Also my sister added a hidden picture of Jeremy sporting his "friendly chops."

So where's my corset? Well, currently it's like this:

The left is a muslin (half).  In the middle is one half.  There are three layers.  The outer layer and a canvas lining attached on the end is the actual lining (all crumpled up at the top), that gets sewn on as you place the bones.  On the right is the half of the corset that I've started sewing bones into. 

As of Halloween I had all the outer pleather-stuff pieces cut out.  So I did make a ton of progress since then.  I cut out two more sets of the 12 pieces, and got them all sewed together and got 7 bones sewn in. 

It's definitely interesting to watch the shaping com out.  Of course it is also agrivating.  I can't use any pins because the pin holes in the outer fabric (if I can even call it fabric) would be permanent.  Also that "fabric" is so sticky I can't slide it through my machine!  I have the whole working area of the machine covered in shiny-side-up freezer paper so that I can get it to slide through.  But it started out pretty well.

I got some nice channels sewn in.  See how the boning raises up a little bit "filling out" the channel?

Well then it started to do this.  Obviously I'm having some HUGE problem with the tension of my sewing machine.  But I've tried everything!  I''ve adjusted both the top and the bottom thread tension both up and down!  I don't know what to do. 

So that's when I give up and pack it away.  . . .curses. . .

So I'll pull it out again sometime on a day when I have patience to spare and try to figure things out.  But needless to say--I was not wearing a corset for SteamPatrick's Day. 

Next and Last up in the SteamPatrick's Day Recap: Serious thoughts that relate to real life and our practice of a "Steampunk Lifestyle."


joyfulmama said...

I've had the same problem with my tension before, oddly enough a new needle seems to fix the problem. Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the new needle is important. I have also been frustrated with that problem, so much that I actually bought a new machine thinking that would fix it! But it didn't, so I gave you that machine. :) But do try the new needle, and there are different needles for different fabrics, too, so ask at the fabric store. And buy extras so when you hit the bone and it breaks....Nonny (Hey, I have to choose an identity now to post--that's different!)


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