Monday, March 28, 2011

SteamPatrick's Day Dinner

Our SteamPatrick's Day table was decorated in green and gold.  Lucky green shamrocks in a gold pot, green gears and gold doily "chargers" with a pattern that conveniently looked a lot like clockwork gears.  Each place setting had two glasses to accommodate the selection of fine ginger ales and root beers that were promised on the invitation.  The table was set with sliced crusty bread.

Braised cabbage with bacon.

And bully beef (that Jeremy "corned" himself) with roasted potatoes, carrots and parsnips.
The after-dinner entertainment involved a foam-dart blaster "shooting range."

Owen helped Jeremy put it together.  All those little villains fall backwards when hit.  Everyone enjoyed taking turns at the steampunk shooting range until chaos broke out and our whole living room turned into a foam dart battlefield!

Then we gathered back in the dining room for a dessert of lemon cake with fresh whipped cream and berries served on my Grandmother's dessert dishes.  I also gave steampunk reading (that I'll talk about another day) with a teensy bit of discussion afterward.

As always, we enjoyed tasting the different varieties of root beers, and Jeremy's recent kick--real ginger ales.

I enjoyed walking around my table after all the guests had left and basking in the "evidences" of the fun evening.

A little steamer tip-toed around looking for leftover treats.

And finally we put out the lamp at the Governor's Table for the evening, hoping that it will not be too long before The Table is open again for a night of great food and even more enjoyable society.

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