Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Steampunk Update

I really wish we could go home to Tucson this weekend.

Really, really wish.  =sigh=  My brother in town was working on winning tickets from the radio.  I mean--he's no "steamer," but if he could go for free. . .

Alas, we will not be going home this weekend.  So I'm going to have to placate my need for steam in some other ways.

First, I'll be working on my steampunk costume, specifically a corset.  I didn't finish it in time for Halloween because my kids expected to have costumes to wear that night too.  Sheesh.   I pulled out my pattern and pieces this week though because we're "gearing" up for SteamPatricks Day 2011. (If you want an invitation you should let me know.) Jeremy says that Nerf guns will play a  large role at this year's event.  He bought me a Derringer-style one--with plans to mod it. 

Second, I will watch this new steampunk music video over and over all weekend (our favorite part is the net-launching gun--thank you League of STEAM.) and dream about balmy 72 degree March afternoons in Tucson. 

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