Wednesday, April 20, 2011

April Showers

 This weekend we celebrated the birth of my April baby.  Since it had rained all week we knew that an April Showers party would be just perfect. 

 I've wanted to make the Martha Stewart Pom Poms for years, so I was happy to find an excuse.  They made perfect rainclouds, and Jeremy loved the raindrop garland backdrop so much he thinks we should wallpaper our bathroom with them. 

We made a cream cheese icing-frosted carrot cake for a "cloud cake" topped with a raindrop cake pennant garland. 

We mimicked the cloud and raindrop aesthetic with floating blueberries in lemon-lime soda pop, and topped the glasses with Japanese paper umbrellas (though they would be no good in the rain!). 

With that Japanese tie-in we served sushi, with rice crackers on the side.  Jeremy made the California rolls for us.

Wyatt thought the sushi was OK, but everyone else loved it.

Wyatt was much more interested when there was fire involved.

But he didn't act fast enough to blow out his own candle--thanks Jonas.

Cake was enjoyed.

Cheesy, happy birthday grins were given.

And Wyatt ended up thoroughly partied out.  It was a great rainy April Showers celebration for a wonderful boy who is--in reality--full of only sunshine and blue skies

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