Friday, April 29, 2011

Backyard Beekeeping

At some point we are going to cross the threshold of "weird."  Perhaps we've already done it.

Recently I was talking to Jeremy about "the Bees" and Owen asked, "What bees?"

I said "Oh I don't think we've told you yet--We've going to get a beehive and keep bees."

To which Owen replied,  "Oh, right, because we're farmers now."  Apparently none of this is at all weird to him.  (Also, I wonder what it was that has made us farmers now in his mind.)

I've been interested in beekeeping for a long time.  But it doesn't really seem like one of those things you can just jump in to.  We have some friends that keep bees, and have asked them to walk us through the steps of caring for a colony.  We've also checked out a bunch of books, but getting the assistance of someone with years and colonies worth of experience just gives us the real kick of confidence we need to try it out.

So we've ordered hive components.  Assembled hive boxes and frames, and painted the hive (with leftover house paint in the basement, free = sweet!)

Today we drive to pick up the bees.  It's pretty late in the season.  But there was bad weather in California where the bees are coming from.  This evening Jeremy will install our colony.  (I designated him as head of this hobby.)  And then we will officially become backyard beekeepers.


Aleatha Shannon said...

That is very exciting. I hope you have success! I don't know much about bees, but I do know that beekeeping is important now that bees seem to be "disappearing" and farmers are having problems with pollination and such. I've also heard that eating local honey can help with allergies.

TopHat said...

Ooh! We might get bees later this year, so I'll be keeping an eye on your adventures!

Ashley said...

That is so cool! It's so weird how much we are like you guys. Pretty much every post I'm like, "Hey! We want to do that too!" You guys are about 5 years ahead of us though. Thanks for being our inspiration!

And as far as being weird, we're right there with you! And I don't seem to mind it too much. Call me a farmer and I'll take it as a compliment! It's the new cool.

The Hardys said...

Good luck with the bees! This one's coming a day late....
Real Food Saturday!

Beck said...

I love this. And I love you guys. You are THE COOLEST.

I am excited to hear how this goes. I think after a while you should learn to make the honey lotion bars so I can buy a million from you. :)

P.s: Your hair looks amazing, Jeanette!


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