Monday, April 11, 2011


I may be behind on my bags.  I haven't cleared 40 bags of junk out of my house yet--of course it's not Easter yet either--it's been just over one month. (Good thing I've actually got 46 days.)

I've completed about half my goal.  I made a sheet to mark off my bags to track progress and motivate myself.  I arbitrarily marked half of the bags recycling bins and half as garbage bins.  I've actually been surprised to see how little I've just thrown away of the 20 bags I've purged and how much of it I have donated, or sold, or given away, or recycled.

I have purged baby stuff--extra crib mattress, car seat base, and car seat that will expire before our next baby.  Toys and stuffed animals (There's always too many.)  Movies--since we have Netflix there's no reason to hold on to ones we might watch once every few years, so I purged half our VHS collection.  Yes, VHS, those things take up a lot of space too.  Clothes--Jeremy got rid of some, I got rid of some more, we passed on some baby clothes, and got rid of some scarves and winter accessories we never used this last season.  Other things were a book and a game I swapped on, and I mailed out a bunch of leftover product to friends and family from a home-based sales company I joined in college. 

I spent a good week on one of my paper piles.  I had a bag for recycling, and a big bag of shredded paper by the end, but I need to do more work.  The thing about a goal like this is working through the stops and starts.  At first it's easy--there's 10 bags to get rid of off the top of your head.  Then you work slowly through the next 10-20, thinking harder and coming up with more ideas.  Jeremy and I have talked about how the point of this goal is to make it all the way to 40, and that those last 10 bags will be the hardest--they start to get to the painful point.  But if we really want to make a difference in our home we have to get to that painful point. 

I'm the type that when a pile accumulates I stack it up in a box to clear off my desk and I put the box away to "go through later," or when there's too many toys I'll "organize them better" packing them ever tighter into the shelves.  But it's not just about making it fit or looking uncluttered on the surface--believe me--my boxes of hidden junk cry out to my from their hiding places disturbing the peace I want to feel in my own home.  So here we are--pushing through the lulls in our work and motivation .  I will make it to 40 bags.

I will.

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