Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bacon Brownies

Jeremy is on a roll with his brownie-making skills. We had another church picnic Monday, like we do every Memorial day and Labor day. 

As promised in the comments of his key lime brownie recipe this time Jeremy made a slightly less universally appreciated brownie.  Don't be confused by the striking resemblance to mini German chocolate cake brownies-- these are Bacon Brownies topped with Onion Confit.

He actually won a ribbon this time as well.  It was the 2nd place ribbon, (There were only two entries in the brownie category--Shhhh!  Don't tell him I told you!) and we're all very proud of Jeremy. 

I decided not to enter the dessert contest this time.  Since I went all out on the Dali Steampunk Cake I decided to sit out this time and let the other girls have a chance to exhibit (=snort!=).  That and I was in charge of drinks for everybody, so I was busy with that.

But since I can't help myself in regards to Jell-o for festive occasions, I did make a side dish (ok really a dessert) molded red white and blue Jello. 

And although it is not real food--I have to say I am beginning to understand why a beautiful molded gelatin "salad" was a trophy piece on the table of the 50's homemaker. There really are some tricks to having success with it.  So although most of the time I set my culinary sights a bit higher--I do enjoy dabbling in the field of molded desserts.


rachel said...

Wait, so are they sweet bacon brownies? I'm trying to imagine what in the world they taste like. Were they good? They would have fooled me for sure as german chocolate cake :)

Anonymous said...

Pretty!! I still like Ghirardelli Brownies, but I'll try the bacon ones if you send me one. :) After all, I tried real menudo this week!


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