Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Nerdy Cake

Jeremy designed his own birthday cake this year.  He told me all about it and I complied to the best of my abilities. 

 It's based on the video game "Portal."

The little chocolate cake is going in one portal and coming out the other. (You're going to have to just trust me on that.)

 "Portal 2" came out about a week before Jeremy's birthday, and like a good responsible father he didn't rush out and buy it the first day, but waited patiently for his birthday.

You can see the little robot on the package jumping between the two portals.  Of course I'm sure it's technically an "android" or something like that.  I never can keep up with that sort of thing. 

Jeremy blew out his candle with the help of Owen and the steampunk garden gnome. 

The mini cake is a big joke from the first "Portal" game.  Or should I just say, "The cake is a lie"?  (There are just too many layers of nerdiness to Jeremy's cake.)

The star candle doesn't really go with the cake.  It was supposed to be a plain white basic birthday cake candle, but star candles are what we had around the house leftover from Jonas' birthday cake. 

He had a video game cake this year too.  Super Mario Galaxy.  Like father like son I suppose. 

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