Friday, May 6, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Gift

I appreciated Owen's teacher after I didn't receive a call home the first week of school.  I appreciated Owen's teacher when she laughed at back to school night about the some-might-call-"disobedient"-but-she-was-calling-"normal" behavior of the entire class during naptime.  I appreciated Owen's teacher when she recognized Owen's skills and talents, not just his energy level.

Today is the end of "Teacher Appreciation Week" at Owen's school, and the day before his teacher's birthday, so as room parent I decided on the gift for her.

I wanted it to be something useful to her, either in the classroom or at home.  I've always loved these galvanized tubs, so I got one and added a small trowel and rake and a pack of flower seeds for fun. 

I wanted the gift to be something the children were involved in not just something the parents simply donated money for.  After talking ideas over with my sister--the hand print or thumb print idea really stuck out to me. 

Yesterday at lunch I had all Owen's classmates put a thumbprint on the tub (I directed them where to based on the idea in my head) and we wrote their name by their thumbprint.  Then I took it home and added the legs and dots and antennae to turn them into little thumbprint bugs. I also put on a layer of clear coat over the bugs.

I'm pleased with how the gift turned out.  It's important to teach our children how to recognize thoughtful gifts, and to appreciate sincerity--not just monetary value. 

The poem about teachers--which I might add applies to mother's as well as teachers--ties the whole gift together:

nurture the seeds of today
so they might bloom
into the flowers of tomorrow

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