Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Utensil Wall Art

 I've had a silverware wall art idea on the back burner for quite a while.  I finally completed the finishing touches this afternoon.

The first time I wanted to do the project was when I saw these large utensils made out of silverware:

 I saw these back in November and headed out to the thrift store right away to buy a supply of old silverware.  But once I got it all home along with large canvases from the craft store I realized these are really big.  As in my hall/dining room isn't big enough for these suckers.  So I sat on the idea for a while waiting for inspiration to strike.

And it did strike-- I saw the idea of spray painting the silverware along with some frames white, and mounting them on fabric.  

 The final product is still pretty modern with the white, but with a hint of sophistication that the first project was lacking. 

The silverware artwork fits well on the wall above our dining table, and helps to define this part of the space in the strange center of the house room that you have to walk through to get from any single room in our house to another. 

After completing the project and taking pictures outside (the very first picture) I realized that I had oriented the silverware differently than I had meant to.  Jeremy's vote (he is a designer after all) was to do it this way so I tore off the spoons and forks and re-hot-glued-them, but I still kind of like that top picture where all three frames are oriented up and down.

What do you think?

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rachel said...

How fun and clever and cute! I lOVE it!

Anonymous said...

Jeanette--those turned out so cute!! Congratulations on a project completed. I'm sure you feel pleased each time you look at your wall. Good job!! Nonny

craftytexasgirls said...

I really like these! Add them to my Pinterest board.
:) crafty texas girls


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