Friday, June 3, 2011

Early Summer Seasonal Recipes

My sister called recently to announce that she's received a bunch of fresh rhubarb from a friend's backyard.  She'd already made a strawberry rhubarb pie and was looking for more ideas for the remainder of her rhubarb.

I immediately thought of the rhubarb soda recipe we found last year.  

Rhubarb, sugar and water.

Simmered until the water turns bright pink--then strained. 

Added "to taste" to cold fizzy water.

Guzzled by boys and parents alike. 

These pictures are from trying it last year--but once I had it in my mind I couldn't forget it--so we had to make up a fresh batch this spring.  Eating in season makes it exciting to remember old favorites each year as the season rolls around again.

(Recently I've gotten interested in water kefir for its potential for making homemade sodas like this.  Anyone have experience with or thoughts about water kefir?)

The recipe for the homemade rhubarb soda and my sister's strawberry-rhubarb pie are in the following "In the Season Thereof" May newsletter, along with some other great late spring and early summer recipes.  Enjoy!

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