Monday, June 20, 2011

Fertility Celebration

I asked Jeremy the other day if he's ready for the next one.  (You know--kid.)   He said, "sure."

It's partially a joke because I am still presently enjoying the benefits of lactation-induced amenorrhea.  This is the longest I have ever gone without menstruating in my postpartum stage though, and every once in a while I get a twinge of nervousness about it.    I'm sure it's connected to the fact that Wyatt and I are still nursing in the night, but occasionally I'll wonder: What if something's wrong and I can't get pregnant again?  There are no guarantees in regards to fertility.  

I recently read an article of a woman planning to celebrate the return of her fertility postpartum with a party.  Before I probably would have thought that sounded strange, or at least not something "normal" in American culture.  But this time I'm not so sure.  After these twinges of concern I've had over my later-than-anticipated return of menstruation, maybe --this time-- a fertility celebration will be in order.

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