Monday, June 6, 2011

Walk and Talk

My first semester at college overlapped with my sister's last semester.  I lived in apartment dormitories and she lived off campus but that didn't stop us from spending hours together every day.  Sometimes we'd pick up a mini-loaf of bread with honey butter for a mid-morning snack.  Sometimes we'd head to my apartment for lunch or so Evelyn could take a nap in my bed.  And sometimes we'd just say "Hi" before heading to our next class. 

On a campus of 30,000 students it could have been a hard thing to try and find each other everyday--but it wasn't.  Not for us. 

I had started college in January after Christmas break, but in anticipation of the semester our brother gave us walkie talkies for a Christmas present.  Every day after our morning classes we'd switch on our walkie talkies for an update: where are you, where are you headed, what do you need to do this morning? And then we'd align our paths to intersect.  We'd keep up the casual exchange until we finally made it face to face and would switch off the walkie talkies. 

We were the model of efficiency.  We never had to wonder why the other wasn't at a pre-arranged meeting spot, or question whether we had remembered the time or place incorrectly. 

We got the whole range of looks while conversing on our Walkie Talkies.  Some people were confused.  Some would laugh and point (in the good way. . . I think).  Some were probably annoyed in some kind of teenage angst-y way.  But it was a great system, and we were just the smart ones that thought of it first.

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