Tuesday, July 12, 2011

All Natural Bath Products Giveaway

Along with homemaking soap I've been experiementing in homemaking other bath products as well.  My first experiment (before the soap even) was making homemade lotion bars.

Jonas' skin needs to be kept smooth and moisturized to help the excema.  His doctor and dermatologist both recommended Aquaphor.  Truthfully the Aquaphor does a great job of keeping his skin smooth and protected.  The product's main ingredient is white petroleum jelly.  So my problem with using such large amounts of Aquaphor (at least once a day and after every bath) come from more ecologically-minded reasons.

So I started researching alternatives.  For a while we used straight coconut oil.  We also tried using straight olive oil.  Both are great natural moisturizers, but both are liquid in a warm room temperature, so we had some issues with application.  I'd heard of "lotion bars" and decided to research them. 

It turns out that lotion bars (in my recipe) use the two oils I was already using, plus beeswax as an extra skin protectant.  The beeswax is what keeps it in a semi-solid state at room temperature. 

I use 1 part by weight of coconut oil, olive oil, and beeswax.  I priced beeswax at our local craft store, and I was able to get it 1/3 of the price per pound by purchasing it through our beekeeping supply company.  Plus it supported local economy instead of a big box. 

We keep our bars in a little jar, and just turn it out to use it.  It is a great thing for elbows and knees and rubbing good into little dry spots.  The boys love using the little bars as well.  And the baby loves eating them when I'm not looking--oops, at least I know there's no chemicals in them that will hurt him. 

The bars are not the best thing for all-over coverage, so my next experimentation on the radar is for some sort of body butter lotion variation. 

I'm starting to see why people get into selling soaps and bath products as a small business.  It's because your mind is always thinking of "the next batch" and other experimentations.  I may actually dabble in trying to sell some things as well, partially because for Jeremy the idea of designing product labels and packaging sounds just like Christmas. 

But as for today we are simply enjoying using these products as a family.  And I want to give the opportunity to one of YOU to try them out as well. 

A GIVEAWAY! for loyal (and new, and part time) readers of Jeanetics.net You have the opportunity to win:

One 2-ounce beeswax lotion bar (smells delicious), one 3-ounce bar of all-natural fragrance and color-free homemade soap, and one chicken.  Just kidding--the chicken is not included.

To enter just leave a comment on this post and tell me what kind of posts on Jeanetics.net are your favorite.  (a simplified post labels list is in the right sidebar if you need ideas.)

For a second entry:  "Like" Jeanetics.net on facebook and I will automatically give you a second entry into the giveaway.  Plus as a bonus I've posted the picture there of me in my mad scientist soap-making getup--it's totally classy.

This giveaway will end one week from today.  I'll announce the winner Wednesday July 20th.

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