Monday, July 25, 2011

Fair Treats

After dinner on Saturday Jeremy announced we were going to have our dessert at the county fair!  I had almost forgotten that it was fair weekend and would have been crushed to miss my annual opportunity to enjoy a funnel cake. 

 We love taking the boys to see the fair animals.  They need that exposure to the animals, both those they are familiar with and those they aren't.  Last year we watched--yes watched--a pig give birth while we were at the fair.  Now that's educating our children!

 The boys were right at home running up and down between the chicken cages.  And They love sticking their fingers inside all the bunny cages to feel their soft fur.

My favorite part of the evening was --in anticipation of the dessert he had been promised--Jonas saw the home garden produce on display and lunged at a plate of cherry tomatoes exclaiming, "Oh!  There's some treats!"

Oh how I love my boys!  (And don't worry--the produce survived.)

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