Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Grilled Cookies

The boys and I gifted Jeremy with a charcoal grill for Fathers' Day this year.  Since we were on vacation I just drew him a card to tell him.

("Fireball" is what Alton Brown calls his grill.)

Jeremy's reaction is always really hard to read when he opens presents, but I'll just say that eventually he was really excited about the prospect of buying a grill when we got home. 

One problem with our little house is that it's 1100 square feet segmented into 8 little rooms and we have just two window air conditioning units.  What that means is that we never turn on our oven from June 1st through August 30th.  It's just not worth it.  But that can be a bit limiting to our menu. So Jeremy and I have been excited to use his grill to expand our summer-time culinary options. 

Everyone has heard of grilled pizza.  There are different methods for doing it, but after reading of one person using their pizza stone inside their grill I suddenly had a strike of inspiration about what else a pizza stone inside a grill would allow us to do. 

Grilled Cookies!

I will begin first by saying we have a very well-seasoned pizza stone.  So the cookies had no problem with sticking, but may have on a newer stone.

Second, some of the cookies got very burned bottoms before we came up with the pancake method.

Third, I still think the method could be improved a little.  Perhaps by having a terra-cotta pot that we preheat in the grill and then invert over the top of the cookies to help them bake from the top as well as the bottom. 

 We began by preheating the pizza stone over hot coals.  Then we quickly placed the cookie-dough balls onto the stone and closed the lid.  After a few minutes we checked on them.  Then we checked on them again.  The bottoms cooked super fast on the hot pizza stone but the tops were totally melty, so we improvised by implementing "the pancake method."   In other words--we flipped 'em.  

 What we ended up with were grilled chocolate chip cookies that looked more like pancakes, but were delicious, and did not involve raising the temperature inside our own home any more than opening the door once to go out and once more to go back in. 

So we sat ourselves down in front of our window-unit AC with tall classes of crisp, cold milk and enjoyed our grilled chocolate chip cookies. 

Cookies on a grill--perfect for the man who taught me to love chocolate brownies so dearly. 

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