Friday, July 29, 2011

Hot Topics

Yesterday Jeremy and I took our three young boys into Hot Topic. 

Of course I had some trepidation about doing so but I had a very specific reason for being there.  I wanted to find some small MarioKart figurines (maybe key chain guys or something) that I could use to decorate Owen's birthday cake.  I was sure Hot Topic would deliver, but I was definitely worried about what else the boys might see or say while in that store.  "Mom what is that?"  "Mom, how come [insert anything random and embarrassing here]?"

Luckily I quickly found exactly what I was looking for.  Some little candy dispensers with Mario Karts on the top that I was sure I could pop off and use like I wanted. So far so good--we walk to the checkout counter and to our waiting friendly cashier "Shawn."   I see that he has a barbell through each side of his lower lip.  Owen stands next to me and looks up at the young man.

I hold my breath.

Shawn starts ringing up our merchandise  Owen leans toward the counter and asks Shawn, "Do you believe in God?"

As I'm getting over my shock and trying to figure out where that question came from, I can't decide whether or not this is worse than if he had asked the guy why he had piercings all over his face.

"What?" asks Shawn.

"Do you believe in God?" Owen repeats.

"Sure--I guess so." He stammers.

I notice his t-shirt has the words "Lamb of God" printed across it.  (A band name I'm guessing.)  "Ah," I say while giving Owen a push away from the counter to go wait by Jeremy.  "I think he was reading your shirt"

"My shirt?" Shawn looks down. 

"He's a pretty advanced reader for a kindergartener,"  I say with a chuckle as I take my bag and walk away from the counter and the group of people waiting in line behind me. 

As I walk away I think how funny that exchange was, and how though it was sort of awkward--it wasn't as awkward as I would have thought.  And who knows, maybe Shawn needed that question yesterday.  Maybe it's time for Shawn to address some hot topics in his own life. 

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