Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Bad and the Ugly

Blogging is a funny world of polished words and Photoshopped pictures. Sometimes I just like to see the hints of "real life" among all the make-believe.

The "real life" of Owen's Mariokart party begins with my sending out invitations with the wrong date on them.  I tried to make phone calls to fix it--but let's just say we may need to go sit out at the park with a cake in one month's time and let Owen celebrate his birthday for the third time this year.

We tried to make rock candy for favors.  At first I didn't add enough sugar, so they sat for three days without growing a single crystal.  Then I re-boiled the syrup and added more sugar.  Crystals started growing within an hour and by the end of the day I couldn't pull half the sticks out because the crystals had grown and were stuck to the bottoms and edges of the jar.  So then I scraped all the crystals out re-boiled the syrup with more water.  Let them sit for three more days while they did nothing.  At which point I said, "I'm sorry Owen--but there is not going to be any rock candy at your birthday party."

The other tragedy of the party preparation was when someone (we're 90% sure it was Jonas) took a wooden hammer to the unfinished pinata busting open its side.  So we had to patch it all up, but the balloon was no longer inside to help it hold its shape so then the pinata got pretty lumpy.  But in the end it made it and I still really loved the turtle shell pinata.

So I will personally give my guarantee of a blogger of many years now that for every beautiful dinner scene or fantastic kids party we see online that there were a half dozen disasters, that the blogger chose to not let define their whole event.  With realistic expectation we all can expect these things to come up in our days, but just let them slide and still thoroughly enjoy the rest of the festivities.  And I plan to.

EDIT:  (Oh, yeah.  And I didn't mention yet the chigger bites we all got from being out at the park that morning --and how is it fair that I got the most?  Oh Kansas, I'm going to be so so sad to leave you behind  in a year.)

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