Monday, August 15, 2011

Can it Forward

I've been doing a bit of "fun preserving" this summer.  (Canning doesn't have to be all serious and practical.)  It started with the dandelion jelly.

Then I made a triple berry syrup sweetened with honey.

I got crazy with peaches.  Canning a number of jars of quarters in a light syrup.  And using my new thrift store dehydrator to make peach fruit leather, and dried peach slices. 

After all these projects Owen said to me "Oh Mom!  I know, we need to get some blueberries, and can them--for the winter."

He's obviously been reading Blueberries for Sal and thinks he's a genius for coming up with the idea to do the same things for ourselves.  Not like preserving food for the winter isn't what I've been doing already for the last two months!

But who am I to argue with an enthusiastic 6 year old?  So we went and bought some blue berries.

We canned them on Saturday since it was National Can-It-Forward Day.

And who am I to argue with a national day where everyone is supposed to can something?

So we canned blue berries.  Owen wrote out some labels for them.  I love how he mostly ignored my example spelling.  He sounded it out in his head. . . each time. So each label is spelled differently.

Hopefully they will be good for muffins and oatmeal this winter.    And hopefully Owen is getting something out of all the canning going on around here.

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rachel said...

Jeanette, I am super super impressed! Great work and thanks for sharing what you've been cooking up :) I wish I could try the dried fruit especially!!!


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