Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Identifying Home Garden Pests

I was standing in our front yard talking to my friend.  She looked across my tomato plants and said, "Oh it looks like you've got something eating these."  Exactly as she was saying so I gasped loudly, "Oh my goodness!  It's huge!"

It was a giant tomato hornworm (See his little horn tail in back?) And he and his little buddy had been having quite the feast in my front yard tomato and pepper patch.  

 Leaving behind poor plants stripped entirely of leaves, and little half-eaten tomatoes

We found the trixy pair and fed them to the chickens.  Chickens love bugs.  If you pay extra at the store for "free range" chicken eggs and the package also says vegetarian-fed, you can know that the eggs must not really be that free-range at all, because chickens--like humans--are omnivores.  

We've also got some neighborhood bunnies.  This one likes to hang out under the beehive and go hopping away when I check on the bees.  The bunnies haven't given us too much trouble with our garden this year.  It's a good thing too, because I think Jeremy is just waiting for any excuse to make a pot of wild rabbit stew. 

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