Friday, August 5, 2011

Local Burger

Yesterday we visited a restaurant that's been on our list to visit for four years.  Its called Local Burger, and the food they serve is all  --you guessed it-- local.

The restaurant is about an hour and a half away from us in Lawrence, but we were driving out there to see a pediatric dentist for Owen, so we stopped on by.
The have profiles up on the local Kansas ranches that they get each of their proteins on the menu from.  They have grass-fed beef, elk, buffalo, turkey/chicken and pork.  The buns are made locally from organic Kansas flour, the cheese is made in Kansas, and the produce is all local and organic. 

And it was delicious.

They also had coloring pages for the boys of the former lives of their lunch--happy animals on the Kansas prairie-with identifiable native flora as well. 

And the place was breastfeeding friendly for Wyatt and me if needed,  because what's breast milk after all, if it isn't guaranteed local?!

Rel Food Button

I hope you enjoyed this weeks installment of Real Food Friday.  Here's the most recent issue of the seasonal food and food storage hybrid newsletter that I compile for the ladies at church.

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