Monday, August 1, 2011

MarioKart Birthday Party

We were on vacation for Owen's birthday, so we promised him a party after we returned.  He decided he wanted a MarioKart birthday party.   (I guess we have a theme this year of video game birthdays.)

He decided on a MarioKart-themed party.  I found some race flag cups and plates at the local party store (Thanks for the store credit Anna B.) which I was really happy with since they matched the party theme but weren't "matchy."  We had the party in the morning to avoid the heat.

First the kids all made Mario and Luigi hats or Princess Peach crowns for party hats.  It was nice to have a gathering activity while we were waiting for friends to show up. 

We set up a race track obstacle course for the kids to race around, two at a time.  We used yellow streamers to mark the course.

They had to run around "steering" with a Wii steering wheel.

The course went through a tunnel.

Over a ballance beam bridge.

And don't forget to grab an item box on the way!  (These raisin boxes that I just wrapped a piece of paper around ended up as a real favorite from the party.)

After the racing was done it was time for birthday cake.

This Yoshi and Mario are what we got from Hot Topic.

Then we had a green turtle shell pinata. Owen and I just made a paper mache balloon pinata --we're pretty proud of the final product.

The pinata was filled with pouches of Mario Brothers fruit snacks.  It was really nice once they broke open the pinata to say "OK everyone get's two pouches."  No hoarding or tears involved.

Finally, we sent everyone home with a marshmallow mushroom pop.  It was a great party and lots of fun.  I love the gathering of inspiration and coming up with the ideas to fit the theme of the party.  Being outside and doing the obstacle course and pinata are perfect birthday activities for little kids.  Coloring and cake while sitting down.  An hour and a half total.  It was all perfect and not too overwhelming for the kids or anything.

I--on the other hand-- needed a nap when we were done.  (And along that same vein come back tomorrow for my "keeping it real" wrap-up where I'll share all the things about the birthday-planning that didn't go perfectly!)

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely adorable!! So much fun. And I like it when the birthday parties are fun for the kids AND for the parents. Creating a themed party with clever connections gives Mom a creative outlet and gives the child a feeling that he's special and worth the effort. BRAVO!! Nonny

Anonymous said...

Could you please post directions for your turtle pinatia- thanks in advance!!!


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