Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Book Club Reject

So I was in charge of picking the book for book club to read this month.  I brought in In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan. I'm a little nervous that the other ladies are going to kick me out. I mean, it's non-fiction, and how interesting can a book be that has only a head of lettuce on the front cover?

I read the book for the first time a few years ago and found the whole thing fascinating.  Pollan's explanation of the current food culture in America and where it came from.  And then his knocking it all down back to common sense and non-fanaticism--just simple real food.  It's so interesting --and radical even-- while not being radical at all.  .

And I'll admit--I buy it. 

I love the book because it ratified so many of the feelings I've had about food as a young adult responsible for feeding myself and now a young family.  It justifies my desires to learn traditional foods and preparation methods.  It encourages our family and dinner-guests-included dining practices.  It supports my lack of guilt about not consulting the FDA or AAP (or whomever) for the "latest research on what to start when" once Wyatt showed interest in solid foods.  (Because "latest research findings" have been completely different for each of my three boys born  in '05, '08, and '10 respectively.)

And mostly I love the book because I love food!  (And having a blog is bad for that--I constantly want to take pictures of the visual poetry created by my peeled sweet potatoes sitting on the cutting board, because they just look so orange and so good, and the anticipation of thinking up something delicious to make with them fills me with excitement!)  And Michael Pollan shows that enjoying food is completely desirable --that the alternative (an unhealthy obsession with healthy eating) is more detrimental than to love "food, not too much, and mostly plants."

But really, I don't mind if the other ladies don't see it like I do.  They don't have to agree with the book like I do.  But this is my passion.  It's what I enjoy reading about, talking about, watching movies about.  So I brought the book for the discussion I want it to spur.  I just hope the ladies will give it a chance.

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