Wednesday, September 7, 2011


The steampunk fever comes in waves, and we've definitely been "on" the steampunk wave recently.  I got antsy to work on some more accessorizing because it's something I am more able to do with just small bits of time. 

 First, something basic, I added a gear charm onto my pocket watch pendant necklace.  I love it ten times more with the gear on it. 

Yeah, I wear it to church. =smirk=

But I wanted to do something a little more creative as well.  So I worked on a bracelet after being inspired by Jen's.  (Don't tell me if you think her's is way cooler.)  

 The leather straps are from an old pair of shoes I had that were ripped out.  I attached the buckles on to the end of each strap so the two straps could buckle to each other.  The cameo was a little brooch that my dad and older brother got me when they went on his 6th grade class trip to Italy.  (My sixth grade class trip was a walk across the street to the city pool.) 

The little gears were purchased $4.99 for 12.  So I spent $.84 on the bracelet.  And the little one on the left even spins around.  (The boys love that part.)

I'll probably wear this to church too, just because that's to only place I wear accessories, apparently.  I like how it almost looks like a watch, so you don't at first notice that it is anything different.  Jeremy says it's like a secret insignia, so that when I slide someone a note or some money they can recognize I'm a steamer.

Hopefully that is so they will give me the Steampunks-only 15% discount.  I'd be all about that.

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