Thursday, September 1, 2011

Summer is Over?

The public pools in town were open for their last day on a Sunday two weeks before the public schools and university started, and three weeks before Labor Day. 

For the life of me I can not figure out why they would shut the pools down so early.  I would think that there are a lot of people out there like me, who realize that the summer is winding down, and thinks, "Quick, we need to squeeze in a few trips to the pool before school starts," only to realize that it's too late--the pool closed last week. 

Pool passes here are priced outrageously, and this year they decided to sell punch cards instead, because they didn't like allowing people to use the family passes when they were claiming that "Yes all four kids belong to me."  But maybe these punches could be more affordably priced, or the passes could seem a better value if the pool season was 90 days long instead of 60. 

It is still plenty warm enough to swim with our record-breaking over 100 degree days we have been having, so weather is not the issue.   

Yesterday I looked up a lake near Topeka that has a swimming beach and slides I wanted to take the boys to.  We called information and it was closed.  "Like, closed-closed?" Jeremy asked the woman on the phone.  "It won't be open for Labor Day weekend?" 

"Closed-Closed."  The woman responded. 

So take that Summer.  The Parks and Rec departments statewide have declared that you are over.  So since we can't tolerate you by taking a quick dip in a cool pool, why don't you just move on already and make way for pumpkin patch hay rides and apple cider. 

No hard feelings--see you next year.

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