Tuesday, September 6, 2011

This Counts as School Right?

Owen has been requesting for a while now that he be allowed his own blog.  (We'll leave out any commentary on what that says about me.) 

So I decided Owen and I will start a blog together at a different spot in the blogosphere to share our homeschool adventures.  That way this blog won't be overrun with homeschool blogging (except when I want it to) and there will be a more appropriate space for me to post all the silly pictures of him that Owen is often asking me to post on my own blog. 

I'm leaving most of the editorial decisions up to him in terms of blog layout, themes, colors, fonts and pictures.  The blog title was his choice--the tagline was my choice.  So if there is a lack of continuity across the whole blog--it is apparently intentional.  We aren't done with all of it yet, but we got our first two posts up.  If you are interested--come have a look:

Boys All Together--This Counts as School Right?

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